Linden Oaks: 20 Hagen Drive, Suite 330, Rochester, NY 14625
Linden Oaks Ph: (585) 267-4040 Fax: (585) 267-4044
Canal Landing: 103 Canal Landing Blvd., Suite 12, Rochester, NY 14626
Canal Landing Ph: (585) 227-1080 Fax: (585) 723-7709

Telemedicine Instructions: If you have a smartphone or computer with a camera and microphone, you will be able to complete a telemedicine appointment. Patients will be contacted with a scheduled appointment time. Please click on the "live" link here to start your appointment with your provider. Proceed to your provider's link and log into your scheduled appointment time 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  You will then be put in the virtual waiting room. The Provider will click on your name when the encounter will begin. Please be patient as this is a new process. If the visit hasn't started in 30 minutes please call our office. 

Check here for further updates or call the office at (585) 227-1080 or (585) 267-4040  with any questions. Thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

For Providers

Our providers are always available for phone consultation with other medical providers. RRHS providers may send non urgent outpatient consult requests via Care Connect directly to any of the providers. Our fax numbers are: (585) 723-7709 for the Greece Office, and (585) 267-4044 for the Penfield Office.

Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR)
ADR is the proportion of individuals undergoing a complete screening colonoscopy who have one or more adenomas (pre-cancerous polyps) detected.

Adenoma Detection Rates Spreadsheet

How To refer a routine patient for routine procedure or consultation

To refer a patient you can contact our offices at the following phone numbers: Greece at (585) 227-1080 or Penfield at (585) 267-4040 . You can also use the referral form below and fax it to our offices at the following numbers: Greece at (585) 723-7709 or Penfield at (585) 267-4044 .

Probiotic Regimen


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