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When Should I Have A Colonoscopy?

When Should I Have A Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a diagnostic tool doctors use to make sure your colon is healthy. When you need a colonoscopy in, you can feel confident contacting Dr. Prasad Penmetsa, Dr. Surinder Devgun, and Dr. Ari Chodos of Rochester Gastroenterology Associates in Rochester, NY, and serving Victor, Pittsford, Webster, Fairport, and Brighton, NY.

When should I have my first colonoscopy?

Your first colonoscopy is determined by several factors:

One key factor is your risk level. If you have close relatives who have had colorectal cancer, you need to start getting colonoscopies earlier than if you are at normal risk. Talking to your healthcare provider is the best way to determine when you should begin having colonoscopies. 

If you have symptoms that indicate you may have something going on in your colon. Cancer is not the only disease that a colonoscopy is used to diagnose. It can help in the diagnosis of Crohn's Disease, Ulcerated Colitis, IBS, Diverticulitis, and Diverticulosis, just to name a few. 

If you are at average risk for colon cancer, the suggested age for your first colonoscopy is 45 years old. 

What symptoms indicate a colonoscopy may be needed?

Colonoscopies look for issues in the colon. Colon illnesses can cause a variety of different symptoms, some more obvious than others. 

  • If you notice bowel changes, continual diarrhea that doesn't respond to normal medication, or dietary changes like the BRAT diet, that is a sign. If you notice that your stools are narrower, or you are having serious constipation issues, this is a sign. 
  • If you have pain in the bowl, especially in the lower quadrant, this can be a sign that something isn't right. 
  • The most serious issue is blood in the stool. It can be red blood, which is fresh blood, or it can be black stools, which is old blood. It means that there is bleeding somewhere in the dietary tract. 
  • Sudden loss of weight is something to cause concern.

How often should I get a colonoscopy?

The usual schedule for colonoscopies in Rochester, Victor, Pittsford, Webster, Fairpoint, Brighton, NY is every ten years if nothing is discovered during the colonoscopy. If one or two polyps are discovered and removed, the usual schedule is every three or 5 years.  

When it is time for a colonoscopy, Dr. Penmetsa, Dr. Devgun, and Dr. Chodos of Rochester Gastroenterology Associates in Rochester, NY, and serving Victor, Pittsford, Webster, Fairport, and Brighton, NY is the practice to call. For an appointment, call the Linden Oaks office at 585-267-4040 or the  Canal Landing office at 585-227-1080.

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