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Telemedicine Instructions: If you have a smartphone or computer with a camera and microphone, you will be able to complete a telemedicine appointment. Patients will be contacted with a scheduled appointment time. Please click on the "live" link here to start your appointment with your provider. Proceed to your provider's link and log into your scheduled appointment time 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  You will then be put in the virtual waiting room. The Provider will click on your name when the encounter will begin. Please be patient as this is a new process. If the visit hasn't started in 30 minutes please call our office. 

Check here for further updates or call the office at (585) 227-1080 or (585) 267-4040  with any questions. Thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

Services Provided

We are a full-service Gastroenterology/Hepatology/Endoscopic practice with expertise in all aspects of GI medicine. Services provided include acid reflux treatment , colonoscopy examinations for screening of colon cancer, EGD (also referred to as upper endoscopy or gastroscopy) for evaluation of reflux, ERCP examinations, Endoscopic Ultrasound. A list of services are provided herin.

The following is a brief list of procedures we routinely perform:


Hemorrhoid Banding

Colonoscopy :

  • Screening for colon cancer
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy and polypectomy
  • Argon Plasma Coagulation
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
  • Chromoendoscopy

EGD/Gastroscopy/Upper Endoscopy:

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Panendoscopy
  • Esophageal Dilatation
  • Esophageal prosthesis with metal stent (self-expanding) for cancer of esophagus
  • Sclerotherapy and injection therapy, including Botox (Botulism toxin) for achalasia
  • Variceal band ligation
  • Bicap thermocoagulation for bleeding lesions
  • Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy
  • Esophageal 48 hr Bravo wireless capsule PH probe
  • Endoscopic Ablation therapy with Barrx Halo System
  • Argon Plasma Coagulation


Diagnostic/Therapeutic ERCP with sphincterotomy stent placement including self-expandable metal stents into the bile and pancreatic ducts

Endoscopic Ultrasound

  • Examination and fine needle aspiration of the pancreas and bile ducts
  • Staging of esophageal cancer.
  • Examination and fine needle aspiration of submucosal lesions of the intestinal tract.
  • Examination and fine needle aspiration of mediastinal lesions.

Video capsule small bowel and esophageal endoscopy (Pill Cam)

  • For wireless evaluation of the small bowel.

Enteroscopy/single balloon enteroscopy

Hepatitis C Treatment


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